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Madad Ya Rasulillah – The Burdah Ensemble

This video is for the single “Madad ya RasulAllah” from the Burdah Ensemble’s new album, “Pearls and Coral: Volume One.” Please visit for more info and to place your order today, or download it off iTunes.

Directed by Adam Shamash of One Light Cinema.


The spiritual key for this era

An address by Shaykh Nazim Haqqani from Wednesday, January 9, 2008.Shaykh Nazim Haqqani and Shaykh Abdallah Al-Fa'iz al-Daghestani

Just last night Shaykh Hisham Efendi Hazretli, Madad ul-Haqq (Support of the Truth), arrived, paying honour to our dergah. We have been honoured, and I am also happy for him to address you through what Allah Almighty is giving him for as long as he is going to be here. Before I was speaking and people were listing, but it was a heavy burden to speak to people. To be imam, to be a khatib, is not as you say. A real imam, as opposed to just a formality, must have something from spirituality to give to people. Neither wood against wood, nor wax against wax, will give ever give anything. But if the candle is lit, that fire may enlighten if not a thousand, then a million or even a billion people. One burning candle is enough to awaken the candles in each of our hearts. But now it is so difficult to reach such a people, because they are all hidden and you are not asking for them. If you are not giving your whole energy to ask for such a person, it is difficult to find. So many people know so many things, yet their candles are dark. If not awakened themselves, they can’t wake up others. That is a sign of the last days.

Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim (I seek refuge with Allah from Shaytan the accursed),

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

We are beginning by fleeing to Allah, fleeing to Allah from Shaytan. Because anytime Shaytan finds a candle enlightened, he comes and extinguishes it. Therefore we are saying, “Stay away from our meetings!” Don’t give Shaytan a way in! How can you do this? By saying, “Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim, bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” shaitan is running away, but after a while he is coming, coming, not leaving you. Therefore, the most important wird (daily devotion) now is to say: “Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim, bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim”

Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim. For every purpose say: Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim. Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim! Beware, or you’ll find yourself in the sewer! Therefore people they are like rats scurrying along, saying: “This is modern life that we must achieve like the Europeans and Americans! Look how theirs is the high life!” Where? The ego is saying, “Come with me! The sewer! Give it a try!” “Is it okay to do that?” “Yes, you’re free! Free! Jump on in!” Lup!… Then we’re trying to say, “Ya Hu, come out!” But it’s too late, the self responds, “No, no, here there is modernized life, western life, the high life!” Tauba, Astaghfirullah al adhim! (I repent! May Allah Almighty forgive me!) because our egos are chasing Shaytan, asking to run after shaitan. Then our egos are asking to dive into sewer water. Our selves are saying, “Quickly, jump in!” This is because it’s the ego’s pleasure to run into that filth. Therefore, when you see that your ego is asking to run, say: Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim.

Therefore, the mumin, the believer must be an awakened person! If not, Shaytan will quickly draw you down into the sewer. Aman, ya Rabbi! (Save us, Oh Lord!) All people are running, running, running after this. Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim! You must say this at least 40 times a day to have power because Shaytan is rushing at you.
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