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Prophetic medicine cures cancer

Shaykh Nazim Haqqanifrom a talk by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Allah made for every sickness a remedy. We must not accept that there any sickness without remedy. The Prophet Muhammad mentioned that for every sickness there is a cure. This is the Prophet to whom Allah gave the power of Isra’a and M’iraj (the Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then the Heavenly Ascension to the Divine Presence) to go to the Presence of Allah. It was a miraculous event that many did not at first accept until the Prophet gave them proof, telling them what he had seen on the road to masjid al-aqsa in Jerusalem. He told them about the caravans that were due to arrive in Mecca, and they then immediately believed him as no one would know such detail except one who was there. The Prophet was sent by Allah as a mercy, a rahma, to humanity. Every mercy therefore falls under the mercy of the Prophet: health is a mercy, wealth is a mercy, to be in a good position in this life is a mercy, to be in good standing in the hereafter is a mercy, even showers of rain (rahma in Arabic) or snow are mercies. All of this mercy that’s coming, Allah put in the hearts of our master Muhammad and his family, because his family is his blood and his blood is holy. So the one to whom Allah bestowed His Mercy knows what kind of remedy will help against every sickness.

I witnessed many illnesses cured by the remedies prescribed by both my shaykh Abdallah al-Fa’iz al-Daghestani and Grandshaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani. These cures come from the Prophet: it is prophetic medicine that so many people are using today under the names “alternative medicine” or “Chinese medicine”.

Real seclusion bears fruit. A real seclusion is not one that you demand, but one that is demanded of you: where the skaykh calls you out of the blue and says, “You, go to seclusion.” When you are in such a seclusion and training well, becoming more experienced, every sickness comes to you itself and says, “I am this type of sickness and the remedy for me is this.” According to the level of the one performing the seclusion, there will be prescriptions coming from heavenly sources for many difficult medical situations.

One of the most important sicknesses that people are facing today is cancer. I heard, witnessed, and saw from my shaykh (these are three distinct levels) that cancer can be cured and eliminated from a patient, but the patient must accept what they have to do. My sister was a gynecologist, and she had cancer. As a doctor she wasn’t able to accept anything other than what she’d studied. She went to Shaykh Nazim in the late eighties to speak with him about her case. He told her not operate. As a doctor, she insisted on it- she did the operation on her breast and lived 15 years before passing away. My auntie, who was in her early 50s, also had a cancer. She went to Shaykh Nazim and Granshaykh Abdallah for advice. Her doctors had already decided that she needed to have an operation. The night before the operation was to occur, we went to grandshaykh’s house. This was in the 1970s. He told us to take her out of the hospital, that if she didn’t do the operation she would have another 30 years of life. That night we went back to Beiruit and removed her from the hospital. The next morning they were searching for her, not knowing what had happened. She ended up living another 30 years, passing away at age 85. Meanwhile, my sister went through with her operation and lived only another 15 years.

Shaykh Nazim is carrying knowledge of Prophetic medicine that he has inherited by his spiritual connection with the Prophet through the chain of saints. He explained that there is a dormant cancer in every human being. It doesn’t awaken except in certain patients. If we touch the cancer, it will go crazy. Instead of going slowly, if we touch it with a knife the cancer will go wild and spread. He said the best thing is to take onion juice. The Prophet said that although onion and garlic have a bad smell, they are cures for 70 different illnesses that cannot be cured by any other means. So people of Allah recommend onion juice.

Just this past weekend, I was in New York. One of the students brought a lady to me, saying that this was the lady who had cancer before and, thanks be to Allah, she’d been cured. A year before I was in New York, and they had brought to me this lady saying that she had a tumour in her head. She had a child. I told her to drink onion juice. I also read surat al-fatiha (the first chapter of the Koran) seven times onto some water on behalf of Shaykh Nazim, telling her to drink it. One week later she had an x-ray at the hospital and the tumour was gone. It’s not because I read or she took the onion juice, it’s because she believed that it could happen. She believed in Allah and she believed in the Prophet. So a year later I saw her again, and she had been cancer free for the whole time with no operation and no chemotherapy. My recommendation for people with this problem is to take onion juice and to read surat al-fatiha seven times on water, or coffee for example, and drink it. They could alternatively read fatiha seven times and blow on themselves. If they are not able, someone else can read fatiha for them.

May Allah give us healing, shif’a, and give those who are suffering from this sickness healing also, especially Shaykh Nazim`s followers. May Allah make it easy on everyone. He is alShafi (The Healer). Ya Rabbi (Oh Lord), You are the One that Cures, there is no one else, we are coming to you, requesting through our master Muhammad and through your saints. We are weak and sinful servants, but we are coming to you. Where else is there to go? Your door is the one people can come to. We are coming to your door asking you to cure every human being, especially those sufferers who have children- to give them happiness in their lives. And to us also, and to our children. Extend our lives to see our master the Mahdi and our master Jesus, for that will be the best time- the golden time. We are asking that Allah will accept from all of us, for there are children here and their supplication is accepted. May Allah for the sake of the saints, our master Muhammad, and ahl bayt (the family of the Prophet) accept from us. Bi hurmati l-habib bi hurmati l-fatihah (by the sanctity of the beloved, by the sanctity of surat al-fatihah)

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what men live by

‘We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not abideth in death.’ — I Epistle St. John iii. 14.
‘Whoso hath the world’s goods, and beholdeth his brother in need, and shutteth up his compassion from him, how doth the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word, neither with the tongue; but in deed and truth.’ — iii. 17-18.
‘Love is of God; and every one that loveth is begotten of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.’ — iv. 7-8.
‘No man hath beheld God at any time; if we love one another, God abideth in us.’ — iv. 12.
‘God is love; and he that abideth in love abideth in God, and God abideth in him.’ — iv. 16.
‘If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar; for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?’ — iv. 20.Count Leo Tolstoy

A SHOEMAKER named Simon, who had neither house nor land of his own, lived with his wife and children in a peasant’s hut, and earned his living by his work. Work was cheap but bread was dear, and what he earned he spent for food. The man and his wife had but one sheepskin coat between them for winter wear, and even that was worn to tatters, and this was the second year he had been wanting to buy sheep-skins for a new coat. Before winter Simon saved up a little money: a three-rouble note lay hidden in his wife’s box, and five roubles and twenty kopeks were owed him by customers in the village.

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The spiritual key for this era

An address by Shaykh Nazim Haqqani from Wednesday, January 9, 2008.Shaykh Nazim Haqqani and Shaykh Abdallah Al-Fa'iz al-Daghestani

Just last night Shaykh Hisham Efendi Hazretli, Madad ul-Haqq (Support of the Truth), arrived, paying honour to our dergah. We have been honoured, and I am also happy for him to address you through what Allah Almighty is giving him for as long as he is going to be here. Before I was speaking and people were listing, but it was a heavy burden to speak to people. To be imam, to be a khatib, is not as you say. A real imam, as opposed to just a formality, must have something from spirituality to give to people. Neither wood against wood, nor wax against wax, will give ever give anything. But if the candle is lit, that fire may enlighten if not a thousand, then a million or even a billion people. One burning candle is enough to awaken the candles in each of our hearts. But now it is so difficult to reach such a people, because they are all hidden and you are not asking for them. If you are not giving your whole energy to ask for such a person, it is difficult to find. So many people know so many things, yet their candles are dark. If not awakened themselves, they can’t wake up others. That is a sign of the last days.

Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim (I seek refuge with Allah from Shaytan the accursed),

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

We are beginning by fleeing to Allah, fleeing to Allah from Shaytan. Because anytime Shaytan finds a candle enlightened, he comes and extinguishes it. Therefore we are saying, “Stay away from our meetings!” Don’t give Shaytan a way in! How can you do this? By saying, “Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim, bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” shaitan is running away, but after a while he is coming, coming, not leaving you. Therefore, the most important wird (daily devotion) now is to say: “Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim, bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim”

Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim. For every purpose say: Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim. Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim! Beware, or you’ll find yourself in the sewer! Therefore people they are like rats scurrying along, saying: “This is modern life that we must achieve like the Europeans and Americans! Look how theirs is the high life!” Where? The ego is saying, “Come with me! The sewer! Give it a try!” “Is it okay to do that?” “Yes, you’re free! Free! Jump on in!” Lup!… Then we’re trying to say, “Ya Hu, come out!” But it’s too late, the self responds, “No, no, here there is modernized life, western life, the high life!” Tauba, Astaghfirullah al adhim! (I repent! May Allah Almighty forgive me!) because our egos are chasing Shaytan, asking to run after shaitan. Then our egos are asking to dive into sewer water. Our selves are saying, “Quickly, jump in!” This is because it’s the ego’s pleasure to run into that filth. Therefore, when you see that your ego is asking to run, say: Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim.

Therefore, the mumin, the believer must be an awakened person! If not, Shaytan will quickly draw you down into the sewer. Aman, ya Rabbi! (Save us, Oh Lord!) All people are running, running, running after this. Audhu billahi min al-shaitan ir-rajim! You must say this at least 40 times a day to have power because Shaytan is rushing at you.
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the master engraver, the balm

Shah Baha’uddin kept saying:

Our way is companionship, and goodness is in the community.

Sundown tonight marks the blessed birthday of the leader and namesake of the Naqshbandi sufi way. Shah Baha’uddin Naqshband is known as the balm of creation- may God the Compassionate hallow his holy soul.

Shaykh ‘Adnan Kabbani, of that same sufi path, relates that it is thus important that the people of this way congregate on this holy eve to remember God through chanting His Names, to praise the light of creation, the NurMuhammad, for the sake of Shah Naqshband, and to tell stories from his miraculous life.

Shaykh Sharaf’uddin Daghestani said that when such stories of the friends of God are recounted, the darkness on the hearts of listeners will be shattered like glass.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani relates that on the occasion of Shah Naqshband’s first meeting with the Messengers of God, he prayed, “O my Lord, do not let anyone who takes me or anyone of my predecessors or sucessors for a guide remain without support from You.” All the angels of the skies resounded, “Amen.” Shaykh Abdallah Daghestani said, “The blessing and protection of that invocation manifests four times a year and is sent to Shah Naqshband’s spiritual followers on the 14th of Muharram (Shah Naqshband’s birthday), the first of Ramadan, and the Night of Power. On these special days of the year, God sends that special care to the followers of Shah Naqshband. Whoever entered the Naqshbandi sufi way will be protected on all sides.”

Shaykh Nazim Haqqani, known as the smiling shaykh, is his inheritor today.

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