Beautiful Note of Support from Gibril of Brunei Darussalaam

Sunday, 6/6/10, 8:32 PM

Sultanul-Awliya I thank, and give praise to Allah With blessings of endless abundance on Rasul Allah For the lights and mercies showering down from high, Opening our path and hearts from earth to sky. What is this secret, what name seals this treasure That pours into our cups Niagaras without measure? Has creation tasted such openings after Famus- Sa’aada, That our Mawla decreed for us such shukr for your Suhba? Ya Nazimu lisan Madadil-Haqq, Your presence fills the worlds, announcing Haqq Refreshing hearts, O my Sultan, with the light of love: Shaykh Hisham cuts snakes’ heads and turns hyenas into doves. They want to bite into his flesh but he smiles and gives pearls. They live for his dishonor, but his Liwaa’ul-Hamd unfurls. Murid! Open your eyes to the Mirror of the Mirror of Rasul, Al-Halimu subhaan wa-ta’aala truly has dressed his soul. Let the Rajeem agonize in the puddle of separation! Allah’s Beloved owns plenty of true ones in his Nation. They will form a strong wall around his Ahlul-Bayt. The heart who plots against Awliya is already dead.

From: Brunei Darussalam



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