i want to rock and roll all night…

In an imaginary but psychologically emotion-laden domain, the listener who
remembers a hit song will turn into the song’s ideal subject, into the person for
whom the song ideally speaks. At the same time, as one of many who identify
with that fictitious subject, that musical I, he will feel his isolation ease as he
himself feels integrated into the community of “fans.” In whistling such a
song he bows to a ritual of socialization, although beyond this unarticulated
subjective stirring of the moment his isolation continues unchanged… The
comparison with addiction is inescapable. Addicted conduct generally has
a social component: it is one possible reaction to the atomization which, as
sociologists have noticed, parallels the compression of the social network.
Addiction to music on the part of a number of entertainment listeners would
be a similar phenomenon.

from Theodor Adorno


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